VLC Media Player Settings for your Film Festival


It took a lot of messing with vlc preferences to optomize it for professional presentations, and you don't need to suffer!



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The VLC preferences file:

👉 vlcrc 👈

Do you use VLC to present to a live audience?

Do you cringe when you see the buttons on screen and all the other indicators of "the man behind the curtain?"

Cringe no more!

These are the settings I use for our short film programs (and sometimes features!) when we to use VLC, a laptop and a projector.

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instructions are intended for Windows OS, but the config file should work for other systems too.

For Windows 7 and beyond, the settings file should be located here:

C:\Users\'your user name here'\AppData\Roaming\vlc

"AppData" is a hidden file so you'll have to check that box in the "view" menu of the file explorer window

Save a copy of your current settings before overwriting just in case!

download (right click, save link as) and paste this file into the "..\Roaming\vlc" folder and voila! Bon Spectacle!

if you have questions I'm happy to help.

downsjn at gmail will get to my inbox (specify VLC config file in the subject) or call the festival office


John Downs
Technical Director
Sacramento French Film Festival

But what does it do?

When the file is in the proper location, connect a projector as a second monitor and "extend display" in the display settings, put the projector to the right of the laptop screen in the display settings and keep your laptop as the main display. Open VLC and add files to the play list, or if vlc is the default player, double click on the file and vlc will force the video to be played on the projector and the playist will be on the laptop screen, drag and drop files to add to the play list.

The config file scrubbs all buttons and notifications from vlc. you'll need to make your desktop image black (because your desktop will flash on screen between videos) and turn off all notifications on your computer (done in the notification settings and/or other application settings outside of vlc).


Disclaimer: This presentation is for educational purposes only. Opinions or points of view expressed in this presentation represent the view of the presenter, and does not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Sacramento French Film Festival or the Sacramento French Cultural Society. Nothing in this presentation constitutes legal advice. Use at your own risk. Not guarenteed to work. Provided in good faith with the best intentions for the benefit of the cinephile community.