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Quentin Dupieux is one of the most prolific and inventive French filmmakers today, and it is “incredible but true” (to quote the title of one of his many films) that the Sacramento French Film Festival has not presented any of his work yet. In 2024, we are making up for it! We are delighted to give you the experience of watching not just one but two Dupieux comedies.

The 23rd Sacramento French Film Festival will open with a “Dupieux Double Feature”: Daaaaaali ! (2024, in its U.S. Premiere), followed by Yannick (2023).

In Sacramento as in Cannes, but with twice the fun!
Only three months after Daaaaaali ! was released in France, Dupieux’s newest film, Le Deuxième Acte (Second Act), opened the 2024 International Cannes Film Festival, so it feels like the perfect year to let Dupieux guide us into the SFFF weekend, while reviving for one night the lost tradition of the double feature.

Both films are a little over one hour long, so it’s almost like watching one regular-length movie! The evening also includes a 20-minute intermission.

Screening followed by Q&A with Le Professeur Kevin Elstob.

Doors open at 5:30pm for pop music on the Tower Terrazzo with DJ Roger (no host bar)!




In Daaaaaali !, a young and eager French journalist repeatedly meets artist Salvador Dalí for a documentary film project that never seems to quite get started...

The delightful Anaïs Demoustier (also in Along Came Love playing this year at the SFFF, and from Alice and the Mayor – SFFF 2020) is Judith, the journalist. Several actors take turns as Dalí, reminiscent of how multiple actors portrayed Bob Dylan in I’m Not There. Here, it is Gilles Lellouche (All Your Faces – 2023 Fall Virtual Screenings, Sink or Swim – SFFF 2019), Édouard Baer, Jonathan Cohen, Pio Marmaï (also in Yannick, and from The Divide – SFFF 2022), and Didier Flamand playing Dalí.

The result is definitely not a biopic. It is a hilarious and surreal homage to the “Master” and the outrageous and egocentric persona Dalí created for himself. The spelling of the title evokes the exaggerated way Dalí liked to pronounce his own name.

Better to let Dupieux’s production notes introduce the film: “To write and direct this tribute, I connected with Salvador Dalí's cosmic consciousness and let myself be guided, eyes closed. First, the Master ordered me to summon several brilliant actors to play his character (too complex for just one man), then together we visited Buñuel to steal a few images and ideas, then he led me by force into the depths of his morbid anguish and into his dreams to guide me, and finally I just about regained control of my film, to simply make it a declaration of love to this man. As Dalí himself said, his personality was probably his greatest masterpiece. My film modestly tells that story.”

Thomas Bangalter, one half of the French electronic duo, Daft Punk, wrote the catchy soundtrack.



Quentin Dupieux is completely insane; and this is meant as an extreme compliment.
Sarah Manvel - Critic's Notebook

Funny, weird and totally awesome.
Renan Cros - CinemaTeaser

DIRECTOR: Quentin Dupieux
: Quentin Dupieux

Anaïs Demoustier: Judith Rochant
Edouard Baer, Jonathan Cohen, Gilles Lellouche, Pio Marmaï: Salvador Dalí
Didier Flamand: Salvador Dalí (as an old man)
Romain Duris: Jérôme, The Producer

France, 2024
77 min
Not Rated (All Audiences)
In French with English subtitles.

U.S. Distribution:
Music Box Films





If Daaaaaali ! is all about celebrity, Yannick is about the average guy.

Yannick takes place almost entirely in a small Parisian theater, where a sparsely-attended performance of a mediocre production of Le Cocu (The Cuckold) is underway. An unsatisfied spectator, Yannick (Raphaël Quenard), a night watchman living in a distant suburb, interrupts the actors to complain that he is not getting his money’s worth in entertainment value. Mayhem ensues.

Better to not say more about this short, unusual, and hilarious comedy with a tender heart that was a surprising box office hit in France last summer. As usual, Quentin Dupieux says it best: “99% of films are boring. This one is not.”

Besides the up and coming Quenard (All Your Faces – 2023 Fall Virtual Screenings, and Hard Shell, Soft Shell – SFFF 2022), Yannick stars stand-up comedian Blanche Gardin (Everybody Loves Jeanne – SFFF 2023) and Pio Marmaï – who is one of the Dalís in the other half of the Dupieux Double Feature, Daaaaaali !



A Brechtian Heckler Hijacks the Show in Quentin Dupieux’s Absurdist Delight (…) Dupieux’s Best Film.
Peter Debruge - Variety

Dupieux reveals the dark and terribly human side of his cinema. You won't forget this Yannick anytime soon.
Renan Cros - CinemaTeaser

The result is as funny as it is touching and Raphaël Quenard confirms that he is one of the most exciting French actors to follow today.
Adam Sanchez - GQ

DIRECTOR: Quentin Dupieux
: Quentin Dupieux

Raphaël Quenard: Yannick
Pio Marmaï: Paul Rivière
Blanche Gardin: Sophie Denis
Sébastien Chassagne: William Keller

France, 2023
69 min
Not Rated (Some Violence)
In French with English subtitles.

International Sales:


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