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SORORAL (Sororelle) by Frédéric Even & Louise Mercadier – Papy3D productions – 15 minutes - Animation
Three sisters are facing an impending disaster: the flooding of their land that they refuse to leave. While waiting for the water to rise, each sisters experience the imminence of death in a different way.
Shown with INVISIBLES by Louis-Julien Petit - Friday, June 21 - 7:00pm

le plus heureux

I AM BLESSED (Je suis le plus heureux) by Mathieu Alexandre & Axel Dhrey – 2018 – 2 minutes
My name is Assâad. I'm eight years old. My family is celebrating my birthday, and I'm the happiest of all.
Shown with A PLACE IN THE SUN by François Ruffin & Gilles Perret - Friday, June 28 - 6:00pm

Crazy hair

CRAZY HAIR by Christophe Deram – 2018 - Les Films du Clan – 17 minutes
A village by the sea, deserted in the winter time. Marco, a 40-year-old man, is getting ready to enter Crazy Hair, a hair salon owned by his biological mother, a woman he has never met or even talked to before. Starring Fanny Cottençon as the mother.
Shown with CLEO FROM 5 TO 7 by Agnès Varda - Saturday, June 22 - 11:00am

Other side

ON THE OTHER SIDE by Zulma Rouge – 2018 – offshore – 12 minutes
What is reality? Who are you? Who do you want to be? What is your deepest dream?
Shown with CONVICTION by Antoine Raimbault - Friday, June 28 - 8:15pm

Le cerf Voliste

THE KITE (LE CERF-VOLISTE) by Cécile Despretz et Lucie Andouche – 2018 – Atelier Supérieur d’Animation de Sèvres –  2 minutes – Animation
On this windy day at the beach, a little boy is flying his kite among many other people. In the sky, he spots a particularly beautiful kite, held by a cute young girl.
Shown with MOTHERS' INSTINCT by Olivier Masset-Depasse - Saturday, June 22 - 1:25pm


CUPID IS A FISH (Cupidon est un poisson) by Marion Christmann & et Amélie Prévot – 2018 – FastProd  –  3 minutes 30 seconds
Rosalie is desperate to find love. On April Fools' Day, her goldfish gives her an idea to meet a special someone. (It is the tradition in France to stick paper fish to people's back on April 1st!)
Shown with PEPPERMINT SODA by Diane Kurys - Saturday, June 29 - 11:00am


Tout se merite

WHATEVER IT TAKES (Tout se mérite) by Pierre Amstulz Roch – 2019 – oriGine films – 16 minutes
Stéphane has just been made redundant, and things are getting financially difficult for his family. When an ex-coworker tells him about a perfect job opportunity, he and his wife decide to do anything to get the job. Anything.
Shown with AT WAR by Stéphane Brizé - Saturday, June 22 - 3:45pm

Nikki Marianne

NIKKI MARIANNE by Guillaume Caramelle – 2017 – Polygone Vidéo - 15 minutes
During a party, Pierre, a high school student, helplessly watches Nikki, the girl he's in love with, fall under the spell of a 30-year-old man. This is a new film by last year’s SFFF guest, Guillaume Caramelle.
Shown with THE FRESHMEN  by Thomas Lilti - Saturday, June 29 - 1:25pm


ADAM'S SKIRT (La Jupe d’Adam) by Clément Tréhin-Lalanne –  2018 –  Films Grand Huit –  12 minutes
David and his ex-wife are called into school because David allowed their son Adam to wear a skirt to school today. Everybody is upset. David wonders why.
Shown with THE TROUBLE WITH YOU by Pierre Salvadori - Saturday, June 22 - 6:35pm


GONE (Disparue) by Joan Bentosela – 2019 – 13 minutes
A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.
Shown with OUR STRUGGLES by Guillaume Senez - Saturday, June 29 - 3:40pm

Pile poil

PILE POIL by Lauriane Escaffre & Yvonnick Muller – 2018 - Qui Vive ! – 21 minutes
In three days, Élodie will take the hair removal exam for her beautician diploma. She desperately needs a model. Her widowed father, Francis (Gregory Gadebois, who makes a cameo appearance in the SFFF Closing Night film, In Safe Hands), is a butcher, and he would prefer it if she continued to help at the family shop.
Shown with GUY by Alex Lutz - Saturday, June 22 - 9:00pm


GIVE ME A FRENCH FESSÉE by Lucas Ansart, Camille Sallan, Laura Passalacqua, Loïck Piton – 2018 – Atelier Supérieur d’Animation de Sèvres – 1 minute 30 seconds – Animation
Two strangers, a man and a woman, sit on the same park bench.
Shown with IN THE MOVE FOR LOVE by Romane Bohringer & Philippe Rebbot - Saturday, June 29 - 6:10pm

The tree

THE TREE by Han Yang & Basil Malek – 2018 – Gobelins L'École de l'Image – 6 minutes 30 seconds – Animation
In a world of drought, why is a lonely old man collecting drops of water to quench the thirst of a dead tree?
Shown with PROMISE AT DAWN by Eric Barbier - Sunday, June 23 - 11:00am


NEARLY THERE! (Presque !) by Colette D'Amico – 2018 – École Estienne  – 2 minutes – Animation
Pichu, a little birdie, notices a bowl full of seeds across the room from his cage. Even though one of his wings is wounded, he tries to reach the tempting bowl.
Shown with DILILI IN PARIS by Michel Ocelot - Sunday, June 30 - 11:00am


ESPERANÇA by Cécile Rousset, Jeanne Paturle & Benjamin Serero – 2018 – BEPPIE Films – 5 minutes 30 seconds – Animation
Esperança, 15, recently arrived in France from Angola with her mother. She tells her journey in this stunning animated documentary.
Shown with AMIN by Philippe Faucon - Sunday, June 23 - 2:00pm
Screening followed by Q&A with Director Benjamin Serero

Rappelle moi

REMIND ME (Rappelle moi) by Marie-Hélène Copti - 2018 – Haïku Films – 7 minutes
Solange is having lunch in a small restaurant with her aging mother as she does every Sunday. Today, her mother asks a question that catches Solange off guard.
Shown with BREATH OF LIFE by David Roux - Sunday, June 30 - 1:20pm


EMBRACED (Etreintes) by Justine Vuylsteker – 2018 – offshore – 6 minutes – Animation
Standing in front of an open window, a woman stares at the sky and fights back the memories of her bygone love.
Shown with A FAITHFUL MAN by Louis Garrel - Sunday, June 23 - 4:30pm


BRAZIL by Mathilde Élu – 2018 – Films Grand Huit – 11 minutes
Camille is having her hair permanently removed at a beauty salon. The beautician is strongly encouraging her to “get rid of it all down there” and she won’t take no for an answer.
Shown with WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY REVOLUTION by Judith Davis - Sunday, June 30 - 4:10pm


JACKIE  by Coralie Bruschi – 2018 – Gobelins L'École de l'Image – 4 minutes – Animation
Jackie, an old widow, tells the story of her lonely daily routine.
Shown with AN IMPOSSIBLE LOVE by Catherine Corsini - Sunday, June 23 - 6:30pm

Chercher son nid

A PLACE TO CALL HOME (Chercher son nid) by Stéphanie Vasseur – 2019 – CleoProd – 12 minutes
Salomé is looking to rent her first apartment. But is that really all she is looking for?
Shown with IN SAFE HANDS by Jeanne Herry - Sunday, June 30 - 6:30pm


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