CONVICTION (Une intime conviction)
Antoine Raimbault
Friday, June 28 - 8:15pm



Une intime conviction

Friday, June 28 - 8:15pm
Followed by Q&A with Le Professeur Kevin Elstob



An intelligent film about the presumption of innocence. Emilie Rivenq – Elle

Staying close to the judicial reality, Antoine Raimbault retraces the appeal trial of Jacques Viguier, which took place in Albi, in 2010. He creates a character, that of Nora - Marina Fois, both amazing and upsetting in her feverish determination. Stéphane Durand-Souffland – Le Figaro

This first feature, on the Viguier case, is as enthralling as a thriller. Elsa Badenelli – Les Fiches du Cinéma


- 2018 Hamburg Film Festival, Sichtwechsel Film Award


Antoine Raimbault

Screenplay: Antoine Raimbault & Isabelle Lazard

110 min

Courtroom Drama

Not Rated (adult situations)

International Sales: Charades

In French with English subtitles.

Followed by Q&A with Le Professeur Kevin Elstob

Marina Foïs: Nora
Olivier Gourmet: Maître Eric Dupond-Moretti
Laurent Lucas: Jacques Viguier
Philippe Uchan: Olivier Durandet
Jean Benguigui: Maître Francis Szpiner
François Fehner: Le président Jacques Richiardi
François Caron: Maître de Laurent de Caunes
Philippe Dormoy: L'avocat général
Jean-Claude Leguay: Maître Guy Debuisson
Armande Boulanger: Clémence Viguier


Nora (the versatile Marina Foïs, The Workshop & Gaspard at the Wedding - SFFF 2018, Papa ou Maman 1 & 2 - SFFF 2016 & 2017, Polisse - SFFF 2012) is convinced that Jacques Viguier (Laurent Lucas) is innocent of murdering his wife, whose body has never been found. She is personally invested in his case because Viguier’s  daughter is her young son’s tutor. Viguier was acquitted at trial but now faces the courtroom again following an appeal by the public prosecutor’s office. Fearing a miscarriage of justice, she manages to persuade a top defense attorney, Maître Eric Dupond-Moretti (the always perfect Olivier Gourmet, The Royal Exchange – SFFF 2018, The Midwife - SFFF 2017) to defend him at his second trial.

She is a cook in a brasserie with no judicial experience, but her passion convinces Dupont-Moretti that she can help, and together they start a compulsive search to prove Viguier’s innocence. But as the vise tightens around the accused, Nora's quest for truth turns to obsession. She abandons her job, her son, and even her moral scruples to prove Viguier’s innocence, ready to blame another possible culprit, the wife’s lover (Philippe Uchan), without proof. Following the tradition of any good courtroom drama, Conviction reaches its climax at the end when Olivier Gourmet delivers his inspired closing argument.

Based on a true story, the gripping Conviction is Antoine Raimbault’s first film.


Shown with ON THE OTHER SIDE by Zulma Rouge

Friday, June 28 - 8:15pm